The St Geran, Mauritius: The Lowdown


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If you were building a hotel in Mauritius 40 years ago, you had the pick of the spots. The St. Geran chose one of the best beaches on the island:  white sand, slightly implausibly blue water- the lot. The hospitality’s not bad either- don’t take our word for it: if you stay here more than about 10 minutes and you’re sure to meet a St. Geran addict on their 3rd, 4th, 10th or 15th visit.

What’s the St. Geran really like?

What instantly stands out about the St. Geran is the atmosphere- there’s something that brings guests back year after year and generation after generation. The 165 rooms are very comfortable and well equipped, though possibly not the glitziest we’ve seen in Mauritius. As a quick rundown Junior Suites are pleasant and comfortable, either overlooking the lagoon or the beach, and the Ocean Suites are a little larger with a fully separate sitting room. For the ultimate in privacy there’s also the villa, which has plenty of space for a family and any extra staff you bring can be accommodated nearby.

However- enough of the rooms. There are very few people travelling to the other side of the world for a room and the St. Geran doesn’t focus on the stuff that looks flashy only in photos or ticks an arbitrary wishlist, instead, it utterly excels in the things that really matter. Fabulous staff, a remarkably fun atmosphere, and a genuine sense of hospitality.  Evenings are jolly and fun, without being raucous- there’s often a band and it’s far from unusual to see daughters dancing with daddies and small children weaving around older couples while honeymooners linger beside the bar. Aside from the bar (which sits over the pool) there’s the main restaurant, a grill (look out for Wagyu beef) and an Indian restaurant. Just so you come prepared, dress in the evenings is usually smart casual.

What can I do at the St. Geran?

With such a huge list of activities at the St. Geran we’ll keep it to the edited highlights here: for pampering there’s a light, airy, and ridiculously relaxing ESPA spa, then there’s a Gary Player 9 hole golf course, tennis courts, a fitness centre, yoga, snorkelling and diving, and a whole bunch of watersports- from waterskiing via kitesurfing to dinghy sailing and kayaking. And that’s before you start exploring the rest of Mauritus.

Families at the St. Geran: The St. Geran has always been fabulously popular with families- children who came here as tots return for their own honeymoons, and several of the St. Geran’s staff are the 3rd generation to work at the hotel.  Small guests are as welcome as adults- the kids’ club has a sea view rather than being hidden away and the Ocean Suites can be adapted to fit a family.

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