Nyungwe Forest

What to do and Where to Stay in Nyungwe Forest

When people talk about Nyungwe, you’ll often hear them talk about the chimpanzees. There are chimpanzees here, but while you might just see a chimpanzee during your stay at Nyungwe you’re best off treating them as an added bonus unless you’re specifically trekking to see them. Instead, focus on what makes Nyungwe so wonderful-  13 kinds of primate scampering amongst the trees ( including the magnificent black and white colobus), giant tree ferns, tiny orchids, and some of the best birding in Rwanda.  Hike through the forest, or take a stroll along the canopy walkway. If chimpanzee trekking is a real must, probably your best bet is to head nearby to Cyamudongo Forest, where the chances of spotting them is a little higher.

There’s just one, gorgeous, luxury lodge here, so this can work well for those who want a little relaxation and pampering before or after the exertions of a gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park. (Thanks to Hanns Peter Kirchmann for the picture of this splendid fellow).

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