Ongava Tented Camp: The Lowdown

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For safari lovers who’ve travelled elsewhere in Africa, travelling to Ongava Tented Camp is like meeting an old friend. Set on the Ongava Reserve neighbouring Etosha National Park, it’s typical of the rustic bush camps so beloved elsewhere in Africa, and is one of the finest places in Namibia for seeing rhino.

What’s Ongava Tented Camp really like?

Guests at Ongava Tented Camp stay in one of eight Meru tents (if you can’t picture this, we’ve heard it described as a “tented cabin”). These have verandahs and ensuite bathrooms with open air showers. They’re scattered either side of the main lodge looking towards the waterhole, though from our visit there, we think it’s worth flagging up that the bushy nature of the natural environment means that you can’t necessarily see the waterhole from every tent. There’s a good view from the main lodge, where you’ll find simple, wholesome meals, a friendly, cosy atmosphere, and a pool for afternoon dips.

What can I do at Ongava Tented Camp?

Activities at Ongava Tented Camp focus on game drives, both into Etosha National Park (usually in the mornings or for a full day), or on the private Ongava Reserve which is fantastic for seeing rhino and has some lovely spots for sundowners. We’d also recommend taking the chance to do a walking safari on the Ongava Reserve as these aren’t possible inside Etosha (please note these do depend on the availability of a walking guide, so please let us know in advance if these are a must!) While it is possible to stay at Ongava Tented Camp as a self drive guest and visit Etosha National Park yourself, as you can’t self-drive on the reserve, most of our travellers choose to stay on a fully inclusive basis and take advantage of Ongava’s fabulous guides.

Giving back at Ongava Tented Camp:

The Ongava Reserve has done much to conserve and restore the natural environment since it was turned from farmland into an area protected for wildlife. Ongava has taken great steps to reintroduce and conserve wildlife. Worthy of particular mention is the work Ongava does to provide a safe haven for the heavily threatened black and white rhino.

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