Tok Tokkie Trails: The Lowdown

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For anyone seeking total immersion in spectacular nature, then the Tok Tokkie walking trail should sit right at the top of your wish list.

What’s Tok Tokkie really like?

We could rhapsodise for hours about the ravishing night skies, the feeling of being a million miles from anywhere and the utterly engaging guides. However, first, we’re going to bring you back down to earth with a crash- this is by no means a luxurious adventure: meals are generally cooked and eaten outside and each night you’ll sleep in a bed roll on a stretcher bed under the stars.  Showers are bucket showers tucked behind a small screen and there’s a clean box long drop loo with a serious view. There can be bakingly hot desert days and distinctly cold desert nights (no joke- in June or July we’d seriously recommend down jackets and woolly hats) and yet- guests who have done this would usually repeat the experience in a heartbeat.

What do I do on a Tok Tokkie trail?

On this two night, three day trail, you’ll spend each day walking with your fellow intrepid guests (a maximum of 8) through desert landscape that ranges from sand dunes to rocky mountains. The pace is relatively gentle- a hike not a race- after all, there’s so much breath-taking scenery to take in and flora and fauna to learn about, you really wouldn’t want to rush. The old farmhouse is your base of operations and the 3 day walk starts from here (the direction of your walk can vary). Generally the walks are in the early morning or later afternoon, with time for lunch and a communal snooze under a shady tree in the heat of the day. The first time we did this the idea of a group nap seemed rather strange, but provided with a good lunch, a hot day, and a convenient patch of shade, and it seems really rather enticing.

In all, this is a fascinating adventure for anyone who wants to truly get out into the wilds, and if you don’t mind a little bit of roughing it, this will provide memories (and night skies) you’ll never forget.

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