Wolwedans Dunes Lodge: The Lowdown

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The pictures say it all: Wolwedans Dunes Lodge is, quite simply, in one of the most gorgeous locations on earth. Well, we think so anyway. This is a ravishing, back-to-nature eco-lodge that’s perfect for relaxing at the start (or end) of a Namibian adventure.

What’s Wolwedans Dunes Lodge really like?

First off, Wolwedans Dunes Lodge is seriously beautiful. Each of the eight, very open, tented chalets is comfortable, simple and has views to die for. Dunes Lodge keeps to Wolwedans’ pioneering philosophy: meals are communal and tremendous fun, and wi-fi can only be found at reception- enough of a journey to make it not really worth the while. Last, but not least, it is Mother Nature that absolutely makes Wolwedans, and she who breaks it (for some). You are in deepest desert here so please note it can get very cold here between June and August, and rather hot during the steamy summer months of December- February.

What can I do at Wolwedans Dunes Lodge?

There are all sorts of activities you can do from Wolwedans Dune Lodge, but if we’re honest, a fair few of them are quite a long drive away, and you’d be better off staying closer to Sesriem for those. Dunes Lodge is all about the frankly, rather ridiculously beautiful landscape, so make the most of it: sit on your deck with a book and soak up the view or take a sundowner drive and find the perfect spot to feel at peace with the world. And if all of this sounds a bit dull- have a massage to get you in the mood- visiting Wolwedans is definitely time to wind down. The latest offering from Wolwedans are riding safaris cantering through landscape that’s breathtaking even by Namibian standards. This isn’t available all year round (in high summer the horses move to fresher pastures), but there’s something to suit riders of all levels and children from the age of 8 upwards, so this gets a firm thumbs up from our team.

Giving back at Wolwedans Dunes Lodge: What we love about Dunes Lodge, is that although Wolwedans is glitzy enough to have graced the pages of Vogue, they take their commitment to the environment and community seriously. Lighting and showers come from solar electricity (top tip: evenings are definitely warmer than mornings) and there are a tremendous number of local staff. This might mean that your G&T comes with a laid-back smile rather than a highly efficient salute, but at the same time you’ll know that the next generation of Namibians are committed to protecting this rather ravishing part of the world.

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