Skeleton Coast Safaris: The Lowdown

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If you have an African bucket list, a Skeleton Coast Safari should be right at the very top of it. This is safari as it should be. Basic (but utterly fitting) accommodation, astonishing natural surroundings, extraordinary company and charming, easy-going, effortlessly erudite guides.  Royalty (Hollywood and the more traditional sort) do not come for nothing. If this fits into your Namibia budget, just go.

What’s the accommodation like on a Skeleton Coast Safari?

We’ll be straight about this. If you’re on a Skeleton Coast safari, you’re not here for the accommodation. Usually you’re moving bed every night and more often than not you’ll be sleeping in a camp beds in dome tents with a basic bathroom out the back.  Anything more luxurious would seem out of place in such a spectacularly rugged environment- the food is wholesome, the conversation absorbing, and the company’s-well-…really rather perfect.

What do I do on a Skeleton Coast Safari?

We could tell you factually about a Skeleton Coast Safari. There are 3-4 different trips covering various gobstoppingly glorious routes over Namibia. On these you might fly over incredible sand dunes, barren shipwrecks or swoop down to discuss the weather with a passing Himba herder. You’ll discuss geology and geography, modern tribal culture and colonial history. But to be honest, nothing we can say can really convey the magic of the experience, so you’ll just have to see for yourself. There are very few things that we really push our clients to do. Especially when they’re so expensive. But really. Do this.

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