Satao Elerai: The Lowdown

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It’s a long and slightly bumpy road to Satao Elerai, but the journey is well worth it for the sense of wilderness when you arrive here. In this conservancy on the edge of Amboseli National Park you’ll have utterly glorious views of Mount Kilimanjaro (provided the “shy mountain” isn’t hiding behind the clouds!)

What’s Satao Elerai really like?

Satao Elerai is very much designed to appeal to lovers of the eco- camp. It’s gloriously rustic, with limited wi-fi and phone reception, electricity only at given hours, simple furnishings, and a very back to nature feel- perfect for safari lovers who want the authenticity of a luxury tented safari without an inflated price tag!

There are 12 walk-in tents with simple furnishings and en suite bathrooms with a basic shower and loo, plus five lodge-style suites which don’t have the mountain view, but are a little larger, have tubs in the bathroom, and a more solid construction. Animals wander freely through the camp, so at night you’ll need to be escorted from your room to the main mess, often by a Maasai askari. Once you reach the main area you’ll find a bar, dining area and pool, which provides a bracing respite from the heat of a hot Kenyan day.  

In all, we think this is a fantastic spot for lovers of laid-back eco style who want a good value option in Amboseli.

What can I do at Satao Elerai?

As you’re in a community area outside the national park, at Satao Elerai, you aren’t just restricted to game drives, though these are often the key focus of your day. There are also night drives and bush walks on the conservancy, sundowners and visits to the local community, who are Satao Elerai’s landlords and who benefit from your stay at the camp (there is a small fee payable to the community for this). Should you wish to go into the national park, this is also an option that can be arranged- park fees are payable locally.

Giving back at Satao Elerai: 

This area is a vital wildlife corridor which has long suffered from human-wildlife conflict, and Satao Elerai is a project designed to ensure that the Elerai Maasai community receive a longer term income from tourism. This in turn means the land and its wildlife are protected- from poaching, charcoal burning and encroaching development.

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