Swala Tarangire: The Lowdown

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When we first stayed at Swala, we were utterly entranced by the combination of the romance of sleeping under canvas in the comfort of the softest sheets, fluffiest pillows and plus a decent shower. Plus, there were impala gambolling through camp, elephant lumbering towards the waterhole and a lion who had to be chased off by a spear-wielding Maasai warrior during dinner. Today, many, many years later, Swala has lost none of its magic.

What’s Swala Tarangire like?

At Swala you’ll stay in what are rather grandly termed “pavilions”, but they really are something more than the traditional safari bush camp. Rather they’re partially made of canvas with large ensuite bathrooms (with indoor and outdoor showers, of course) and an impressive verandah- arm yourselves with binos and a book- this is the place to watch the world go by. That’s if you’re not watching the waterhole from the pool, or keeping an eye on the plains over breakfast.

What can I do at Swala?

Sometimes you do have the leave camp, and in spite of Swala’s many temptations, there’s a good incentive to do. Game drives in Tarangire National Park are invariably rewarding, with great herds of elephant when it’s dry and astonishing birding in the green season. As an added extra we can arrange night drives and walking safaris at Swala too.

Feel-good factor at Swala:

Swala works with the local community on a bee-keeping project, helping to fund hives made from sustainable wood (rather than stripping trees of their bark and leaving them vulnerable) and raising money for the community. Guests at Swala are able to visit the project as part of their stay.

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