Kuro Tarangire: The Lowdown

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Kuro Tarangire is the latest offering from the Nomad stable of camps, known for their unfussy style, excellent guides and down-to earth appreciation of all the luxuries the bush has to offer,  be they early morning sunrises,  evening dinners under the stars or lost hours mesmerised by a family of ellies.

What is Kuro Tarangire like?

Kuro has just six luxury tents, each with its own private verandah and an ensuite bathroom to the rear with a flush loo and safari style showers- just ask and a steaming bucket of water will be ready for your wash.  Kuro’s quiet location is rarely troubled by many other visitors (unless we’re counting the four-legged kind) and the camp itself is designed to leave barely a footprint behind it when it closes for the rains.

What can I do at Kuro Tarangire?

At all safari camps (and particularly one owned by Nomad) the bush dictates the order of the day. Game drives in Tarangire National Park are the best way to get photos and close up  encounters with the big game, especially the herds of elephant for which the park is known.  We’d also heartily recommend taking a walking safari during your stay here- it’s the best way to begin to understand the environment that you’re in- the noises of the birds, the smells of the bushes, and the marks in the dust. For an extra fee we can also arrange night game drives here which must be booked in advance.

Giving back at Kuro Tarangire:

Nomad has long been known for putting back into the environment and community. Guides are given loans to help buy their vehicles (which Nomad leases back from them),  and a committed policy of training to a very high level- not only their guides but staff throughout the company.  Kuro, like their other camps is designed to be low impact, leaving little behind at the end of each season, and minimising water use with eco-loos.

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