Amalinda: The Lowdown

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What’s Amalinda really like?

Arriving at the base of the kopje around which Amalinda is built, you barely notice it’s there until you’re upon it. The entire lodge is built into and around the rocks, there are boulders in the bedrooms and bathrooms, whole walls are carved into the granite, even the stunning swimming pool is formed in a natural depression on top of the kopje. With such a unique setting, all of the nine lovely suites are slightly different, but similar in style, with thatched roofs and a natural, rustic style of décor. The feel is cosy and snug, almost like being tucked away in a cave. Three of the rooms are deluxe suites, again, all different- one has a loo with a view and a bushman painting, another a private deck and outdoor shower and the third a private viewing platform and outdoor bath. For us, the absolutely stunning design is one of the great delights of Amalinda, however we should caution this is really a lodge that’s best suited to fairly active and mobile travellers as there are plenty of uneven surfaces, and steep walks around the lodge.

What can I do at Amalinda?

A stay in Matobo Hills brings a totally different experience to Zimbabwe’s more intensive safari parks. Here there’s so much more exploring to be done and while you can do game drives, we’d definitely recommend trying some of the other activities. There is rhino tracking in the vehicle or on foot, visits to the bushman cave paintings, and to the “View of the World” where Cecil Rhodes is buried. There are also village tours, and the rather wonderful “My Beautiful Home” bike ride through some of the rural communities. Paul Hubbard, an excellent historian and archaeologist is also based at the lodge and for an additional fee can arrange some fascinating guided tours both around Matobo and beyond to Bulawayo and even Great Zimbabwe. Please let us know if you would like to book these in advance. Lastly, a particular treat are the massages in the spa- lovely after a long and dusty journey, or to be honest, at almost any time of day.

Giving back at Amalinda:

A conservation levy from guests at Amalinda goes to the Mother Africa Trust, encouraging community development and empowerment projects. These have included supporting an old people’s home, a children’s home and also donating goats to help encourage independence in needy families.

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