Baker’s Lodge: The Lowdown

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Baker’s Lodge is a charming, rustic-luxury lodge that sits perched on the banks of the River Nile, close enough to hear the hippos singing you to sleep at night.

What’s Bakers Lodge really like?

Baker’s feels very true to its glorious location in Murchison Falls– charming and very natural- it’s important you don’t come here expecting satellite TV and air-conditioning- you are likely to be disappointed- Baker’s is rich in far more exotic luxuries than that! There are ten thatched cottages built onto small decks looking out over the river, all with ensuite bathrooms. These all have showers, some come with tubs too- just let us know if you have a strong preference. Walls are adobe or netted windows (there’s also a mozzie net over your bed) and there are fans to help with the worst of the summer heat. Like the tents, the main area is under high thatch, with views out towards the Nile. Here you’ll eat your meals and find the bar. If you’re lucky- or just up in time- you can catch both sunrise and sunset here, and there’s also a firepit for quiet evening contemplation and jolly post safari chatter. Lastly there’s a small, but blissfully cool pool on the lawn outside.

What can I do at Baker’s Lodge?

Our guests who come to Baker’s arrive one of two ways. Either they’ll drive in with their own guide, who will conduct game drives in Murchison Falls National Park, or they’ll fly in and share game drives using the lodge vehicle. Other activities include boat safaris down to the Nile Delta (twitchers- this is your moment to hunt for shoebill storks), there are also boat safaris up to the falls for hippo and croc spotting, hikes down beside the falls, catch and release fishing for Nile perch, and hot air balloon safaris. For guests who have a longer stay, it is also possible to make the journey to the Budongo Forest (around 90 mins away) for chimpanzee tracking. Some of these activities have extra costs attached and need to be arranged in advance, so please just let us know what you’d like to do so you don’t face any unexpected surprises on the ground!

Giving back at Baker’s Lodge:

Much thought has gone into making Baker’s footprint on Uganda a positive one. Showers are heated by solar power, and local materials have been used throughout the lodge, which is one of the things that helps it to feel so well-suited to its location.

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