The Royal Livingstone: The Lowdown

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The Royal Livingstone is one of our favourite options at Victoria Falls for guests who’ve come from the beautiful luxury safari lodges in South Africa. With a 5* rating and only 15 mins walk from the mighty Victoria Falls themselves, this is a perfect choice for those who want to see one of the natural wonders of the world in comfort.

What’s the Royal Livingstone really like?

Walking into the Royal Livingstone there’s a rather blissful hum of peace and calm, which makes you want to throw off the dust of safari and relax, ever-so-elegantly, with a cool gin and tonic beside the Zambezi. The rooms are set out in small, two-floor buildings- all looking out in the general direction of the Zambezi River and the zebras grazing on the lawn. When we visited, the views were variable depending on which room you got, but standards of rooms, food and service were much what you might expect from an international hotel chain.

What can I do at the Royal Livingstone?

First and foremost- you’re here to visit the Victoria Falls and from the Royal Livingstone, they’re only a 15 minute walk away- more often than not you can see the spray from the hotel. A lot of our guests come here either after a dusty safari or a long flight, so we’d recommend a massage, and beyond that all of Livingstone’s activities are at your fingertips- be it white water rafting, a helicopter flip over the falls or a gentle cruise along the Zambezi.

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