Tongabezi: The Lowdown

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Tongabezi’s a very special place for those that know and love it. Gloriously private, in tune with nature, remarkably beautiful and a million miles from the rest of the world.

What’s Tongabezi really like?

Tongabezi perfectly exemplifies why we create bespoke holidays and don’t leave our clients to the mercies of review sites or guidebooks. We have travellers who’d (almost) kill to spend a few nights in the “Dog House” and those who really don’t like Tonga at all. Tongabezi is gorgeously beautiful, with open cottage rooms, or, for a little more, ravishing private houses all different, but with the incredible sense of peace which comes with being right on the Zambezi River. Here you are very much in Africa. Creating this sort of experience in such a remote location isn’t cheap, so for us, you have to love and see the value in Tonga as she is- beautiful, peaceful, charming and authentic- and not mind that the odd fly might zoom into your room or that you’ll have to use candles occasionally. If this sounds like you: GO- you’ll love it.

What can I do at Tongabezi?

Tongabezi, like many of the smaller lodges is around 30-40 minutes from Victoria Falls with an idyllic location on the Zambezi River. We’d definitely recommend a visit to the falls themselves, but if chosen to stay here, you may well have chosen the quieter things in life- a gentle potter along the Zambezi at sunset or take a canoe out on the river. And if you’re feeling really, really brave, there’s always the chance of a visit (usually September onwards) to the Devil’s Pool

Giving back at Tongabezi:

One of the things we love the most about Tongabezi is that its commitment to the community runs more than skin deep. Tonga’s money goes where its mouth is, so if ever your butler or boat driver takes a second or two to understand what you’re saying, it’s probably because they’ve grown up with Tongabezi and are learning as they go. Tongabezi supports Tujatane school, teachers in the local community, and has done masses for HIV awareness. We can bang on for hours and hours- if you want to know more- please ask!

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