Luangwa River Camp: The Lowdown

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Zambia’s safari camps almost all lean towards the ultra-rustic, so the stylish décor of Luangwa River Camp is something of a treat. Add to this a fabulous location for watching wildlife and an ever-changing view over the comings and goings of the Luangwa River, and we think you’re on to a winner.

What’s Luangwa River Camp really like?

Like most of the best safari camps, Luangwa River Camp is small, with just 5 brick and thatch suites, all with lovely large bathtubs in the ensuite bathroom and large shuttered windows to the front where you can make the most of the bush outside. The main communal area houses the bar (head outside for views towards the river), dining room, and a lovely infinity pool set in manicured lawns. You could happily sit out here for hours looking out at the activity in the Luangwa- we’re always mesmerised by the sight of ellies crossing the river- or get distracted by the naughty baboons scampering about closer to home.

What can I do at Luangwa River Camp?

Despite the loveliness of the lodge, there is much to tempt you away from Luangwa River Camp. The area of the South Luangwa just across the river is excellent for game viewing, so you’ll cross by vehicle or boat for morning and evening game drives (the latter in particular are great for leopard-spotting). Guided walking safaris in the area near to Luangwa River Camp offer a more in-depth immersion in the bush, and there’s the chance to leave the reserve altogether and meet some of the local community in Kawaza Village. If you’re one of the cognoscenti visiting the South Luangwa during the emerald season (roughly January-April) there are also some wonderful boat safaris- just magical for birding in particular.

Giving back at Luangwa River Camp:

The owners of Luangwa River Camp are committed to ensuring that their footprint on this special corner of Africa is a responsible one. Waste water is treated, rubbish is recycled wherever possible, and waste paper is actually used by the local community for paper-making. The camp supports the South Luangwa Conservation Society in anti-poaching and reducing human-widllife confilict, and takes children from the local community into the South Luwangwa to discover the wonders on their doorstep. Finally there is a huge amount of support for education and healthcare in the local community- more than we can write about here. If you want to do your bit, just ask while you’re in camp, spend your pennies at the wonderful Tribal Textiles to buy some treasures on your way home, or visit the Pack for a Purpose website and bring some much-needed donations with you.

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