Tena Tena: The Lowdown

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There’s something incredibly special about sleeping under canvas on safari, and Tena Tena’s one of our favourites. Tucked away in a grove of mahogany trees overlooking the Luangwa River, this is the sort of camp where you barely need to move from your bed to see something special: we awoke from our siesta to see an elephant slowly strolling past the front of the tent.

What’s Tena Tena really like?

Tena Tena has just six tents, so the atmosphere here is a very friendly one, with a maximum of 12 guests in camp at any one time.  Decor is utterly in tune with the wild- there are very few straight lines, colours reflect the surrounding bush and natural materials are everywhere.  Bathrooms are open to the skies. In fact, the bush totally dictates the pace here, you’ll rise with the morning sun, snooze in the heat of the day, and share thrilling stories of your adventures over dinner. Three’s no wifi and no phone reception here, so this is a true escape to the wilds.

What can I do at Tena Tena?

Game drives (both day and night) and walking safaris are the order of the day at Tena Tena.  The South Luangwa is famed for its walking safaris so we’d urge everyone to try one once.  Tena Tena’s guides are passionate about their wildlife and a few hours on foot with them will have you spellbound by the things the vehicles pass by. It’s also possible to arrange a village visit and a trip to Tribal Textiles, which can work well while you’re out of the park travelling to/from the airstrip.

Giving back at Tena Tena:

The owners of Tena Tena have long supported the local health centre, which provides care to 20,000 local residents. Supplies are bought locally wherever possible, and as a guest you can buy products from local artisans in camp. They also support Conservation South Luangwa, protecting the park’s wildlife from poaching.

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