Where to go in Africa in June

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In Tanzania, head to the Western corridor of the Serengeti (just ask us for the best camps, there’re a lot in this area during June, but only a few we’d recommend) for the chance of seeing the wildebeest cross the Grumeti River.

Head to Kenya to catch the Masai Mara at its best, when the grasses are glowing green and before the herds (of wildebeest and other visitors) arrive. Our top tip for those who want to avoid the crowds? Head to the conservancy areas where vehicles are restricted to just a handful of camps.

The highest waters of the Botswanan flood that have been creeping down from Angola for months have finally arrived. Best of all, for many camps, June isn’t even high season- and if like us, you know Botswana well, you’ll understand why this is so important. In fact, there are a handful of camps where early June is low season-we keep a large and rather unexciting spreadsheet on this, so if you’ve always dreamed of visiting Botswana, but weren’t too sure about high seasons pricing, this is your moment.

At the Victoria Falls the huge tower of spray has fallen to a more reasonable level by June, so travellers who come to the fall can experience the impressive amount of water coming over,  and  actually see it. For us, this makes June and July our favourite time of year to visit the falls.

Lastly, if you’re at all tempted to hike the Fish River Canyon in Namibia, this is a fantastic time of year to try it- the comparatively cool temperatures make the hike an absolute delight. This is a very popular activity so we’d really recommend booking this six months to a year in advance.

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