Luxury Adventures In Namibia

Without a doubt, Namibia’s the most breathtaking country we’ve ever visited.  Ravishing panoramas await at every turn, whether you’re warming your skin in a desert sunrise, or swooping low over the Skeleton Coast in your private plane. Elephants loom large on the shimmering horizons of the Etosha pan, and bizarre desert plants survive the parching African sun.  In the far north Himba herdsmen lead their goats through the barren wilderness, while in the East lies the Caprivi Strip – a lush wonderland of glittering water and flitting birdlife.  In the distant south of Namibia we can take you to admire the rugged depths of the Fish River Canyon, diamond towns and villages abandoned to the desert.

Namibia: How do I get around?

Road trip through Namibia

When we visit Namibia, we just can’t resist the lure of the open road, and we’ll equip you with a car, a map, and a list of our favourite stopping points (check out our Namibian Road Trip itinerary)

If driving’s not for you, we can arrange for a private guide to do the hard work for you (and share a little of his expertise along the way. Alternatively you can get around Namibia by spectacular light aircraft flights- flying in and out of gorgeous luxury safari lodges, popping down to inspect whale bones on the beach, and cruising low over the desert dunes.

Make your trip to Namibia extraordinary by…

 Packing a warm pair of jammies (very warm if you’re travelling June) and sleeping out under the stars in the desert.  And if you feel like splashing out, we can’t think of anything better than taking a flying safari over the Skeleton Coast. We’ll be straight with you: this is probably one of the most expensive things you can do in Africa, but for an absolute treat, utterly worth it. Described by a former client as “like flying round Namibia with David Attenborough.”

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