Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Tiny, sweet little Rwanda is better know for its tragic history than its extraordinary wildlife and inspirational population. But who could fail to love this tiny gem of a central African country, where the whole population (yes, even the president) stops to clean the streets once a month? With some of the very best gorilla trekking in Africa (and that means some of the very best gorilla trekking in the world) so easily accessible, and gorgeously pretty terraced countryside, it makes the perfect add-on to an African safari.

Rwanda: more than just gorilla trekking?

Inquisitive visitors, or those who just want to get deeper under the skin of this remarkably endearing country, will find plenty to keep them for longer than two or three days of gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park.

  • CHIMPANZEE TREKKING: Nyungwe Forest flutters with butterflies and echos to the hoot of chimpanzees. You’re probably more likely to hear than see them, but the forest itself is gorgeous, and well worth a visit if you can spare a little longer.
  • RELAXATION: If the last thing you want to do is more walking, snoozing on the shores of Lake Kivu provides the perfect antidote to the high energy of trekking the Rwenzoris.
  • HISTORY AND CULTURE: Spend at least a day exploring Kigali–  a visit to the Genocide Museum is an absolute must for any visitor who wants even the smallest insight into Rwanda’s past.
  • SAFARI: Lastly, if you want to have the sort of safari that you just don’t have to share, visit the rolling hills and open grasslands of Akagera.

Best time to visit Rwanda:

To be absolutely honest, visitors to Rwanda should expect to get wet at any time of year. There can be, and are, torrential downpours so you should pack accordingly. If we had to pick a “best” time of year to visit Rwanda we’d probably go for June-August when it’s driest underfoot for gorilla and chimp trekking. The absolute wettest months are March-May, though this is also when you might find reduced rates at some of Rwanda’s lovely luxury lodges. However, different parks have their own “best” time so let us know your interests and we will point you in the right direction.

Suggested itineraries for your Rwanda explorations:

We use our expertise to customise every itinerary to you, but if you want an idea of where to start, here’re a few of our favourites.

More on what to do and where to stay in Rwanda:

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