Flying Solo

Singles’ holidays. It’s enough to strike fear into the heart of even the most intrepid traveller. However, if you’re travelling alone, but don’t want to be completely solitary, an African safari can work incredibly well.  We speak from first-hand experience. When we travel on our research trips (sometimes for as long as four or five weeks at a stretch) we often go alone.

Solo Safaris at Sand Rivers

Safari’s an incredibly communal experience- in  many of the luxury camps and lodges you’ll join in a jolly dinner-party style meal with the other guests in the evening, and when this doesn’t happen, it’s more likely than not that you’ll be invited to join one of the camp hosts (often hugely entertaining and a font of fantastic safari tales). During the day, many safari camps will offer shared game drives, providing a wonderful opportunity to get to know your fellow guests, and swapping stories of your adventures.  We’ve found the camps of Kenya, Southern Tanzania, and Zambia especially welcoming on this front, and the vast majority of other guests to be excellent company.

And what if you’d rather keep yourself to yourself? Well, on most safaris there’s a good portion of each day when you can retreat to the privacy of your own tent, for the peace and quiet of the siesta.  If you wish, it’s often possible to hire a private vehicle at extra cost, so your game drives are just you and your guide.  In countries such as Namibia and South Africa in particular, you’ll often dine at your own table, as you would in a restaurant, and in most areas self-driving is a very practical option, so you can explore entirely at your own speed. Finally, even in countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, it’s common to combine a safari with time on the glorious Indian Ocean beaches, which tends to be a more individual experience, giving you the choice to combine the best of both in one holiday.

We also have a small number of group trips in Namibia, Botswana, Uganda, and Rwanda. These are run by our trusted crews on the ground, and generally attract like-minded explorers, and take in the highlights of each relevant country.

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