Luxury Safaris and Walking Safaris in Zambia

Zambia’s the part of Africa that the cognoscenti like to keep to themselves. If you’re lucky, after a drink or two around a dying campfire, a seasoned safari-goer might say “Have you thought of Zambia?”. Once you’ve been, it’s tough not to be smitten.  A safari here is utterly understated- total immersion in the bush, without a frill or frippery to distract you from the magnificence of nature. This is the place to go when you want to leave the beaten paths behind and explore the places in between.

Where to go in Zambia?

Head to the South Luangwa for walking safaris, gentle ambles from camp to camp, punctuated by heart-stopping moments when you turn a corner and come face to face with an unexpected predator. Take boat safaris on the Lower Zambezi, and watch kingfishers flit in and out of the water.  If we can tempt you away, take a balloon flight over the plains of Kafue or head north to visit the colonial estate at Shiwa N’gandu. For the truly curious, we can mount a full expedition to the legendary Liuwa Plain, plan a trip to see the 5 million strong fruit bat migration at Kasanka, or take you to the Bangwelu Wetlands, home of the extraordinary shoebill stork.

More on what to do and where to stay in Zambia:

Suggested itineraries for your Zambian explorations:

We use our expertise to customise every itinerary to you, but if you want an idea of where to start, here’re a few of our favourites.

And after my Zambian safari?

Head down to the Victoria Falls to chill out beside the river, or for some serious adrenaline activities. For some thing a little more relaxed, head down to the shores of Lake Malawi – just a short light aircraft hop from the South Luangwa and perfect for some serious R & R.

Make your trip to Zambia extraordinary by…

taking your chair into the shallows of the Luangwa River, cooling your feet as you watch the sun set. G & T in hand, naturally.

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