Each of our luxury African holidays is tailor-made to your specifications. The beauty of a bespoke holiday is that there are no fixed prices. This is all about what you want, and how it works best for you to spend your money.

As a guideline, a typical holiday to Africa would be for around two weeks, and most people include a safari in this. Generally, travelling in mid season, this sort of trip would start at around £3,500 per person (including economy class flights), in wonderfully romantic tented camps and charming boutique beach lodges.  Dome-tent camping safaris, or African holidays that don’t include a safari (a gorgeous honeymoon on an African beach for example) tend to cost a little less, from around £2,500 per person for two weeks, while if you want to splash out and treat yourselves, some of the ultra-luxury lodges can cost as much as £1,500 per person, per night, or more during peak season (especially in Botswana).

Often what costs the most tends to be getting to especially remote areas, such as the Mahale Mountains in Tanzania or the Okavango Delta, rather than necessarily staying in a hotel with solid gold taps.  All inclusive options such as safari are more expensive, while we know some fabulous guesthouses in Cape Town which are a fraction of the price. It’s all about getting it right for you.

Does booking with a tour operator cost more than going directly to the lodges and camps in Africa?

No! Tour operators make their money from the lodges and camps, rather than from their customers. In fact we’ve often had safari camps and lodges refer direct customers back to us, because they’d rather stick to doing what they do best: running some pretty spectacular experiences on the ground.  Costings of African holidays can be pretty complex, combining an array of discounts, park fees and daily charges, so we’re always happy to make the comparison when people come to us with direct costings. In fact, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate what good value we are!

We don’t just book the holiday for you- we use our years of experience to guide you towards the options that suit you perfectly, and remain on standby throughout your adventure. When you’re standing in front of the wardrobe trying to work out what you need to pack for your safari, or sitting on the runway wondering where your luggage is, we’re here to help. Just call us and then concentrate on enjoying your African adventure.

Are you financially protected?

Yes! As a UK-based tour operator we’re legally obliged to be. More on our financial protection here.

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