Taking really small children to Africa can pose something of a challenge. There’re the obvious practicalities of watching them in the wilds, malaria to consider, and the boredom factor to watch out for- not every child will find watching an elephant as fascinating as we do.  However, if you’ve read this far and are still considering it, for intrepid parents the rewards in taking your children to Africa can be considerable- we’ve met three year olds on safari who are already lining themselves up as worthy successors to Attenborough.

If you’re doing a safari with small children, South Africa’s malaria-free game reserves are an ideal place to start. Consider taking a private game drive vehicle (and even a completely private house) so that you can explore at a pace that works for your family. Be prepared to be surprised at what your child loves- often making an elephant shaped cookie in the kitchen, or helping wash the safari vehicles will be as exciting as watching a giraffe or making their own bow and arrow.

Elsewhere, there are some gorgeous child-friendly hotels across Africa, such as Nairobi’s Giraffe Manor, where giraffes peek through the window at breakfast time, and a number of great beach experiences, including counting penguins on South Africa’s Boulders Beach.

Ask us for lodges with babysitters if you know you’ll want some time to yourselves, and try to limit the travelling around you do so you don’t feel too rushed. Then, just let us know what works for you- we’ll talk through the options and we’ll find a way to make it happen.

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