The comprehensive guide to booking a family safari

A family holiday in Africa?  Are you sure?

Yes! Planning family holidays is one of our favourite things, and but taking your tiddlers to Africa (or even your teens), brings a different set of requirements to other African adventures. You’ve got different ages and interests to consider, different bed times, and different speeds at which you like to enjoy your day.

We’ve checked out numerous safari lodges, beach resorts and townhouse hotels personally. We’ll talk through your particular requirements with you, but to get you started off, here’re a few tips that we’ve picked up over the years, for families travelling with tiny tots, growing teens, or children in between. And if you’re travelling with a whole herd, from glamorous grannies to boisterous schoolchildren, we’ve got just the thing.

Not sure where you want to go but know when? Explore our guide to where to visit in Africa during the school holidays.

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