Gorilla Trekking

Even if you’ve been to Africa a hundred times, there’s still something wonderful about gorilla trekking. Coming face-to-face with a wild gorilla is one of the world’s finest wildlife experiences.  Access is truly privileged- it can take up to five years to habituate a gorilla family, and a maximum of eight visitors per day are allowed to visit each gorilla family. Once you find them, the hours of trekking are forgotten in a trice as you crouch down beside a family of gorillas, with the silverback lounging amongst the undergrowth, mothers nursing their babies, and youngsters swinging in the trees.

In Bwindi National Park in Uganda a new experience has been introduced- you can join the rangers for four hours of gorilla habituation- these are wild gorillas not yet used to human visitors- it’s exhausting, incredibly challenging and an utter privilege.

Our essential tip for gorilla trekking? Make sure you pack some gardening gloves- the climb can be slippy and prickly, and with a pair of gloves on you can grab for a handhold more easily.

Gorilla trekking works rather differently from other African holidays, so we’ve put together a quick FAQ:

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