Walking Safaris

A walking safari’s not for everyone, but for those who love it, as we do, it’s an addictive thrill.  When you’ve spent a few hours bumping along the dusty tracks of an African game reserve, it’s hard not to wonder what happens in the spaces in between. On a walking safari you see both so much more, and a little less wildlife than you would on a game drive. It’s true that you won’t generally get as close to the big game as you would in a vehicle, and your safari guide will go out of his way to avoid any accidental close-ups. However, with the spotlight off the Big Five, we suddenly noticed how much more there was to safari than just large animals.

You’ll see the birds performing extraordinary swooping dances and building spectacular nests to attract a mate. On foot, you can learn to track a lion through the bush – rather better we find, than him tracking you. You’ll smell the dampness of the dust, and the curious, but instantly identifiable scent of the potato bush. And, on the odd occasion, you’ll suddenly learn to appreciate just how big an elephant really is. Above all, we found a walking safari was the best way to understand the bush and feel part of it, rather than driving along as a detached observer.

Tempted? Here we’ve answered a few FAQ’s about walking safaris:

Where can I do a walking safari?

How fit do I need to be to do a walking safari?

What should I bring on a walking safari?

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