First Safari

Is this your first time on safari?

Wow- we’re excited for you already. You don’t know yet how many special experiences you’ve got waiting for you.  The moment when a snoozing lion catches your eye, and he’s suddenly alert. The tingle that runs down your spine when you’re on foot, and there’s an unexpected crackle in the bushes. Standing in your outdoor shower and watching an elephant turned silver in the moonlight.  Our advice for your safari will depend on what your own personal requirements are, but from our own years of experience on the ground, we’ve got a few pointers to get you started off.

If you are on your first safari, don’t over-do it.

We’re yet to meet anyone who hasn’t loved going on safari, but for some, a three or four day taster is enough. It gives you a chance to see many of the larger animals, and work out what interests you. For others, that’s nowhere near enough – we’ve spent three weeks back-to-back in the bush and still ached for more. If that sounds like you, we’ll make sure the places you’re visiting are varied so you never have the chance to get bored.

Be realistic about what you enjoy.

Is it essential for you to see all of the Big Five or is an all round adventure enough? How close to nature do you want to be? Does the thought of showering by moonlight sound desperately romantic, or will you worry about bugs? Do you love the glimmer of candlelight or would you find the lack of electricity annoying? Would you compromise on air-conditioning if it meant getting miles of endless beach to yourself? Should you fly for an extra few hours in order to get truly off the beaten track? We’re here to advise (and ask the right questions when you’re not sure what’s what), so just contact us for some help!


It’s easy to end up agonising about what’ll make the perfect safari for you. We’ll guide you towards the option that we think will work best for you, and tell you why. We’ll change it if we haven’t quite met your requirements, and if needs be, change it again. However, if you’re torn between two equally wonderful options, try not to worry too much about making it perfect. A first safari is so incredible, we doubt you’ll have any regrets, just a breathtaking collection of photos, and memories to last a lifetime.

If you want to know what accommodation’s like on safari, or what happens in a typical day on safari, just visit the relevant pages of our site, or if you have more questions:

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