Teens- the last family holiday

Africa’s long been a favourite choice for a last family holiday- a memorable adventure before your teens fly the nest forever.  Whether your family are full of beans and crying out for adventure, or more interested in lying around by the pool, earphones firmly in, we’ve seen Africa tempt even the most jaded of adolescents.  The sheer freedom to run wild, and the endlessly inspiring people that you meet have sparked the plans for more than one gap year adventure. One of the first family holidays we ever planned ended with the eldest son planning to return to work on the boat he’d visited with his family.

Try waterskiing on Lake Malawi, mountain biking in Zambia, or camel riding in Kenya. Family-run lodges often work particularly well with this age group- when you’ve raised your own children in Africa, you know what works.  Just don’t blame us when you’re sitting around a campfire and your eldest pipes up with “Can we do this again next year?”

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