Freedom at last: retirement adventures

While we don’t like to admit to having favourites, there’s something rather wonderful in planning a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. We love the hours spent pouring over maps with you, asking favours from friends in distant lands and tracking down the last Landrover that’ll get you where you want to go.

If this is the African adventure you’ve been dreaming of for years, we’re here to pull out all of the stops for you, and introduce you to the continent we love. Though we should warn you that more than one “final fling” that we’ve planned has turned out to be the start of an annual addiction to Africa. Our client Calynne and her friends thought they’d only go to Africa once too

We can plan a gentle potter around the highlights or a serious adventure off the beaten track. We can arrange for you to walk for days, accompanied by no-one but Maasai warriors and your pack of camels.  Equally, if you want utter luxury – a yacht to take you in to Cape Town, a private plane to whisk you over the Skeleton Coast, or a canoe to take you down the Zambezi, tell us, we’ll make it happen. And if you want your favourite wildlife presenter to wander by your campfire? Just ask. We know a few people…

When it comes to this sort of trip, we’ve got the imagination and contact book to make it happen, just let us know your wish list, and we’ll wave our wand.

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