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If you’ve been on safari many times already you’ve probably got a pretty clear idea of what works for you and where your interests lie.  As experiences can vary hugely across the continent, we’ll do our best to tempt you with something new that we think you’ll love.

Anyone who’s stayed in a five star South African safari lodge for instance, might find the under-the-stars informality of Zambia rather a change from what they’re used to.  Equally, if you’ve come to know and love the thrill of getting up close and personal with big game in a vehicle, the more sedate pace of a walking safari can take some getting used to (though we’d urge any bush-lover to try one).  However, our breadth of experience across Africa usually means that we can give you an accurate comparison between different safari experiences, and come up with new ideas for you to try.

Broadly speaking, the low numbers of visitors and excellent quality of guiding makes Zambia an obvious port of call for repeat safari goers and serious bush lovers, but there are top-notch guides in different lodges across the continent- just ask us so we can point you in the right direction.  If it’s something new and different you’re after, there are a number of remote game reserves (North Luangwa in Zambia and Mahale in Tanzania for instance) and unusual experiences (mountain biking and microlight safaris) that we can give you the first-hand lowdown on.  Finally, if you have a passionate special interest such as birding, a desire to see a particular animal, or even catch the mini-migration in Botswana, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do. As with anything in nature, we don’t provide any guarantees, but our track record’s been pretty successful so far, and we’ll do our best for you too.

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