Luxury Gorilla Trekking in Uganda (and the odd safari…)

Uganda is best known for gorilla trekking, but for a little taster of all of the experiences that makes Africa so wonderful, this would be a perfect place to start. While the gorillas are the stars of the show, Uganda also boasts spectacular, otherworldly landscapes and excellent game viewing. To add to this stunning array of wildlife, we’ve made an unrivalled network of friends and contacts on the ground, who just can’t wait to show their Uganda off to you- whether you’re tracking mongoose families, helping to weave a basket, or just enjoying a cold Nile Special as the sun goes down.

Once you’ve been gorilla trekking at Bwindi, further north, you’ll find some equally great apes. There are over 5,000 chimpanzees in Uganda. Kibale Forest’s often the best bet for spotting them (it has the highest density of primates of anywhere on earth), but for energetic adventurers, there’s also a chance of finding them near Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth National Park, or Semliki. In the latter reserve, chances are pretty slim, so come during the rainy season, when the figs are fat and juicy and the chimps just can’t resist… For a truly privileged adventure, usually restricted only to scientists and researches we can also arrange a full day of trekking with the chimps as part of the habituation process. Be warned though, they might be little, but they can move far and pretty fast!

Scenery, safari and shoebills:

The uncrowded game reserves of Uganda are an utter delight. Lions lounge high in the trees of Queen Elizabeth National Park, hippos and crocs wallow in Lake Mburo National Park, and ellies lope across the plains up at Murchison Falls. Here, the mighty Nile thunders through a mere 6 metre gap, while in the wilds of Kidepo you’ll find some of the most beautifully rugged scenery in the country.  Finally, if you want to hop out and stretch your legs we can arrange both riding safaris and bush walks, while if you’re a twitcher, we’d almost insist that you take a boat trip, if only to see the extraordinary, ungainly shoebill storks stalk the swamps of Semiliki.

Meeting your hosts:

Visitors to Uganda are understandably fascinated by her wildlife, but the astonishing array of cultural experiences is truly remarkable. This is a true insight into the heart of Uganda, whether you’re in the village clinic or the medicine man’s hut, watching banana beer being brewed (it’s an acquired taste, so drinking it’s not for everyone) or entertaining the community with your terrible basket-making skills.

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We use our expertise to customise every itinerary to you, but if you want an idea of where to start, here’re a few of our favourites.

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