Primates, Primates, Everywhere! (And a bit of something else)

Why this adventure works…

This is definitely one for primate lovers. Yes, you can do both gorilla and chimp trekking in Uganda without touching Rwanda at all, but Rwanda is such a charming country, doing both is a serious bonus.  And in our mind, the more gorillas, the better.

A starting point for your bespoke itinerary:

EXPLORATION in Kigali (1-2 nights) Spend time here visiting the genocide memorial, pick up some treasures in the craft markets and enjoy an excellent cup of Rwandan coffee.

GORILLA TREKKING OR HIKING in Volcanoes National Park (2-4 nights) Trek gorillas or golden monkeys, hike in the footsteps of Dian Fossey, or take a boat trip out on the twin lakes.

GORILLA TREKKING OR R&R in Southern Uganda (2-5 nights)… you have so much choice here. You can hop over the border, crash for a night near Lake Mutanda and continue your adventure. You could trek golden monkeys or gorillas in Mgahinga or gorillas in southern Bwindi, or do both. Let us know what floats your boat and we’ll advise accordingly.

SAFARI (or even chimp trekking) in Queen Elizabeth National Park (1-4 nights)… If you’re flying north from Bwindi you can actually cut this stop altogether, but if you’re being driven, sneak in a little game drive, perhaps a boat safari, or even a little chimp trekking.

CHIMPANZEE TREKKING in Kibale Forest (2-3 nights)… When we thought this trip out, Kibale was really the highlight for chimp trekking. Yes, you can do it in Kyambura Gorge at Queen Elizabeth National Park, but Kibale is where it really works. If you have more time, consider visiting the Bigodi Wetlands or joining a chimp habituation trek.

BACK TO ENTEBBE for your journey home- or spend an optional night here to relax before you fly.

Other ideas for your adventure…. If you haven’t done enough safari, add time in Murchison Falls (there’s some cracking chimp-trekking nearby too). Otherwise for a bit of R&R after your adventure, a few days beside the water in Jinja is utterly tranquil.

Make your trip extraordinary by…. Visit the Gorilla Doctors to learn about their amazing work in Volcanoes National Park and beyond. Trying hiking straight across Bwindi (we’ve done it, it’s magical) or stay at lovely, owner-run Ndali Lodge near Kibale Forest.

When to go… The driest months for your trip will probably be July and August, however it can rain at almost any time of year so the only time you may really want to avoid is April and May when it’s very wet and muddy underfoot.

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