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April’s a funny month for Africa, hard to predict, as some countries come out of their rainy season, and others enter it. So, it’s fair to say that wherever you go in April, it might be worth packing a mac, just in case. The safe money’s probably on Namibia, a desert country, which receives very limited rainfall at the best of times. In April, what limited rainfall there is will have been and gone, washing the dust from the air and leaving an incredibly clear light, perfect for photographing the stunning scenery.

Towards the end of the month is also a good time for Botswana, taking advantage of lower season pricing, and the camps really starting to open up in Zambia. And while you’re in that part of the world, Victoria Falls are in full flood, so to see the spray flying up far above the falls themselves, April is an ideal time of year to travel.

For an off-the-beaten-track beach break in April we’d heartily recommend Lake Malawi, and bits of Mozambique would be pretty blissful too. Sure, there might still be the odd steamy day or rain storm, but the glorious warmth of the weather and the utter charm of both countries puts them head and shoulders over almost anywhere in the world at this time of year.

As for East Africa- well- we’ll be honest it’s going to be wet. But equally in the parks of Kenya and Tanzania you’ll find excellent game viewing and far fewer other guests than you would at busier times.

In Rwanda, fresh growth of the bamboo shoots can often tempt the gorillas down to a lower level on the mountain, so this is a great time if you want to try your luck at having a gorilla trek that’s not too strenuous.

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