What to do and Where to Stay on safari in Mozambique

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Safari in Mozambique is very much in its infancy, so this is a choice for people who are keen to embrace an adventure.  It’s pretty likely you won’t see as much game as you might in some of Africa’s busier, better known game reserves, but anyone who’s spent a moment in the bush will tell that you that finally setting eyes upon an elephant you’ve tracked for hours is infinitely more exciting that watching a lion kill surrounded by 100 camera lenses.

If you do safari in Mozambique (Gorongosa and Niassa are the most usual places to visit), it’s probable you won’t see many, if any, other tourists. Instead, you’ll have an extraordinary sensation of wildness and wilderness, and almost certainly return with a selection of outlandish, implausible tales and memories you’ll recall for a lifetime.

A note on accommodation- if you’re taking a safari in Mozambique, we’ll feel safe in assuming that you’re a fairly intrepid sort. In that case you’ll love the gorgeously wild tented camps you get here, but if serious luxury is your thing, it may be worth considering taking a safari in Kruger and the surrounding area in South Africa and combining that with Mozambique’s frankly ravishing beaches.

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