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Extraordinary Africa was born of a desire to share our passion for Africa. We don’t set out to do a safari and beach trip (anyone with an atlas and a guidebook can do that), but to deliver the sort of life-changing, heart-stopping, soul-restoring adventures we’ve enjoyed ourselves.


Alexandra Matts

Alexandra Matts on Safari in Tanzania

Growing up on a farm in the Northamptonshire countryside, Alex fell in love with the great outdoors, so it’s no surprise she ended up in Africa. These days, when it comes to Africa, it’s easier to ask where Alex hasn’t been, than where she has. She’s driven across the Sahara, microlighted over the South Luangwa in Zambia, canoed down the Zambezi (that’s her photo at the top),  drunk cocktails in Cape Town and swum off tiny Madagascan islands.She’d also like to claim that she’s seen the sun rise from the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, but it’s fair to say that by the time she made the peak, sunrise was a distant memory.

Over the years Alex has picked up an impressive knowledge of African wildlife. Her proudest moment is spotting a pangolin in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools National Park, and should the need arise, she can tell you the sex of a giraffe just by looking at its head.  A stint living in Tanzania has given Alex a smattering of Swahili- favourite word- keepilefti (roundabout). She’s developed  a discerning eye for some of Africa’s finest lodges, and an enviable contact book that she deploys on behalf of her clients.  Most importantly of all, she takes a huge pleasure in getting to know her clients and is at her happiest when she’s on the phone, transported by your tales of yet another successful African adventure, or reading emails like this:

“We were spoilt rotten from the moment we arrived. It is the first holiday I have ever cried at leaving!”- Christine

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