Uganda Encapsulated

Why this adventure works…

What makes a safari in Uganda so cool is that it’s an incredibly diverse country with so many different experiences, and this itinerary ticks many boxes. Safari, hiking, waterfalls, chimpanzees, gorillas, amazing birds- the list goes on.

A starting point for your bespoke itinerary:

RECOVER FROM YOUR FLIGHT in Entebbe (1 night)… or, if you’re are raring to go, you could spend today visiting the Mbamba Wetlands for a chance to see the magnificently weird and disapproving shoebill stork.

WATERFALL AND BOAT SAFARIS at Murchison Falls (2-4 nights)… Break your journey north with a stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, one of the best places we’ve been in Africa for approaching rhino on foot. Once you’re up at Murchison enjoy game drives, boat safaris, fishing, and perhaps have another shot at trying to spot a shoebill.

CHIMPANZEES GALORE at Kibale Forest (2-3 nights)… drive south to Kibale for some of the best chimpanzee trekking Africa. If you’re feeling especially fit we can even arrange a day of chimp habituation for you.

GAME DRIVES AND TREE-CLIMBING LIONS in Queen Elizabeth National Park (2-3 nights)… Continuing your loop south to Queen Elizabeth, look out for tree climbing lions during game drives on the Ishasha plains, take a boat safari on the Kazinga channel (ask us to book the small boat to give you the most private experience possible), and trek chimpanzees in Kyambura Gorge.

GORILLAS in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (2-4 nights)… Like all good adventures, this saves the best for last, trekking gorillas in Bwindi. If one just isn’t enough, we can add a second trek on the other side of the forest, or even arrange for you to join the gorilla habituation team for a morning.

SAFARI at Lake Mburo National Park (1-2 nights)… On your way back to Entebbe, break your journey with a night or two on safari. This is a small but charming park that makes a lovely pit stop for a night or two.

HOMEWARD BOUND… fly back to Entebbe for your journey home

Other ideas for your adventure… If you’re seriously keen on gorilla trekking, you could add a visit to Mount Gahinga National Park after your time in Bwindi. Shoebill lovers could consider extending the trip to Semilki, and if you want to get seriously off the beaten track, carry on beyond Murchison Falls to Kidepo– this is one of the only places in Uganda where you might see a cheetah.

Make your trip extraordinary by… Ditching the vehicle and hiking from one side of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to the other. Or, make the insider’s choice and extend your stay at Murchison Falls so you can include a chimpanzee trek in Budongo Forest. On your way back to Entebbe, consider spoiling yourself at Mihingo Lodge and trying a riding safari or a mountain bike safari while you’re here.

When to go… We always favour trying to go to Uganda when it’s drier reasonably dry, as this tends to make the hiking element of any gorilla or chimp trekking much easier. So June-August and January-February would be prime time in our book. The most seriously wet time tends to be April/May, but we like to prepare our travellers that it can rain heavily at almost any time of year.  

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