Where to stay on safari

Luxury Safari Camps

Waking up in a luxury tented campOn the sort of safaris we organise, you’re most likely to stay in a luxury tented camp. Best described as rooms with canvas walls, these are usually large enough to stand up in, provide you with a proper bed, and come with some kind of en-suite bathroom. Simpler (or deliberately wilder) luxury camps will have a bucket shower, while some of the most luxurious have an astonishing array of facilities, up to and including air-conditioning.  Most luxury safari camps will have a communal mess area, where you’ll eat, drink, and share your adventures of the day, plus a campfire for essential early-evening stargazing. A luxury tented camp gives you a reasonable degree of comfort, without losing your sense of adventure, and they’re wildly romantic: there’s nothing like lying in bed at night listening to a distant lion’s roar to make you truly appreciate you’re in the bush.

Safari Lodges

While we’d encourage everyone to give luxury camping a try, in many camps and game reserves there are also safari lodges.  These range from large-hotel style lodges, often well located and offering excellent value for the degree of comfort they offer, to tiny, atmospheric lodges with just a handful of stone rondavels, where you’ll sleep for the night. The very best safari lodges (in our view) will have much of the wilderness feel as a safari camp, with open-air showers, open fronted rooms, and spectacular views.

Adventure Camping on SafariAdventure camping

For some of the more adventurous safaris that we offer- often expedition style trips deep into the wilderness- adventure camping is the only option.  It’d be common to sleep on a bed roll in your tent, with a safari-style sink on a stand outside, and share simple loo and shower tents with a handful of other travellers.  Meals are jolly communal affairs, often eaten under the stars or in the shade of a tree. Not luxurious, but deliciously wild, and when you’re spending your days roaming the plains with Maasai warriors or canoeing down the Zambezi, who needs a bed?

Luxury Treehouses

Last, but not least are the handful of luxury treehouses that are springing up in game reserves around Africa. While you’ll usually be staying up on a platform in the trees, the emphasis is firmly on the luxury side of things here.  In most tree house lodges you can expect to have your own bathroom, and some come complete with Victorian style roll-topped tubs. A very civilised spot for a G & T at the end of a long day we find.

On top of this, we can recommend some options for sleeping out in star-beds or fly camping. We’ve tried pretty much every way of sleeping in the bush you can imagine, so if you have questions…

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