How fit do I need to be to do a walking safari?

An average level of fitness is absolutely fine. The purpose of a walking safari is to take in as much as you can, which means moving a slow and gentle pace rather than going for an epic trek. When you find something interesting you’ll stop to look at it, and often there’s a pause half way for a cup of tea (African, of course) and something to nibble on.  You’ll generally walk in a line with your guide or armed ranger at the front, and he (occasionally she) will set the pace.

It’s fair to say that here in the Extraordinary Africa office that it’d be rare for us to do much more in the way of exercise than walking the dog. However, we’d say walking safaris certainly aren’t much more challenging than this. If you can walk for three-four hours at a time, at an average pace, on reasonably flat terrain, you should be fine.

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