How does a day of gorilla trekking work?

How does a typical day of gorilla trekking work?

A day on a gorilla trek starts early- sometimes you may need to drive for several hours to the ranger post for your briefing, which is normally at 7.30 or 8 in the morning. You’ll be briefed on gorilla etiquette before you start trekking (we’ll also include this in your pre trip information to make sure you are fully prepared.)  You’ll be joined by rangers, researchers, guides and porters. The trek can be anything between one and five hours to find the gorillas. They’re tracked to where they were the previous night, and you’ll start seeing the signs of their presence:  chewed bamboo, footprints, dung. You’ll often smell them before you can see them, and trackers will make noises to warn the gorillas of your arrival. Once they’re found, you’ll get to spend an hour with them, before hiking back to your vehicle.

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