What to do and Where to Stay in Windhoek

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If you’ve an idea that African capital cities are busy, dusty and dirty, Windhoek might come as something of a shock. It’s a lovely, fairly low-rise city with clear light, wide streets, and a distinctive Germanic feel. Though there aren’t many major attractions to detain visitors for a long stay in town, the timing of international flights mean that most people who come to Namibia spend a night or so here. It’s a pleasant enough place to stop, great for stocking up on snacks in the supermarket before a long self-drive adventure, and with some good, wholesome restaurants to dine out in.

Our pick of places to stay in Windhoek… 

We work with a number of excellent smaller guesthouses where our travellers get an authentic, personalised experience. To do them justice, we try to do an authentic, personalised write up of each of them, but it does take a while, so if there’s one you love that isn’t below, please just ask- chances are we’ll know it well!

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