What to do and Where to Stay on the Skeleton Coast

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Known to Portuguese sailors as the “Gates of Hell” the Skeleton Coast once stretched the entire length of Namibia’s coastline. These days it’s generally used to refer to the Skeleton Coast National Park, stretching from Swakopmund to the Angolan border.  Along the Atlantic shoreline there are rolling mists, carcasses of broken ships and whalebones bleached by the African sun.  Inland is Kaokoland, a rugged landscape of mountains and vast empty expanses, broken by the occasional lush river valley.  Kaokoland is the home of the Himba, a nomadic people who travel in search of grazing for their cattle and are instantly recognisable by the distinctive ochre colour of the fat they rub into their skin. A visit to the Himba is one of the most fascinating African cultural experiences going, and if you get the opportunity, not to be missed!

The easiest way to reach this remote and inaccessible region is by light aircraft. There are a handful of luxury-fly in camps, and wonderful mobile flying safaris.

Our pick of places to stay on the Skeleton Coast:

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