Shipwreck Lodge: The lowdown

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First off we’d stress this is a raw and rugged part of the world, and it’s known as the Skeleton Coast with good reason. Set out amongst the dunes, the builders of Shipwreck Lodge have made somewhere that blends in beautifully with the crashing seas and howling winds, but a stay here is not for the faint-hearted. This is Namibia at its most harsh, wild and beautiful.

What’s Shipwreck Lodge really like?

Shipwreck has ten strikingly designed rooms- cabins with big windows that seem to almost lean into the wind. These are 8 ensuite rooms, and two family rooms. They’re all powered by solar electricity and have a stove to help fight off the worst of the Atlantic chill. At the centre of the camp is a lounge and restaurant, and a deck where you can sit and look out over the dunes. There’s even wifi if you want to check in from one of the world’s more remote spots!

What can I do at Shipwreck Lodge?

Staying at Shipwreck Lodge is all about the rather extraordinary nature and the two wrecks on the beach are testament to nature’s power over man. You can go to visit the seals, tiny beetles and occasional wildlife that somehow survive here. There are roaring sand dunes, dry river beds to explore and clay castles rising up out of the ground. If the weather’s in your favour, you can also have a lunch on the beach or try your hand at some fishing.

Giving Back at Shipwreck Lodge:

The lodge has been purpose built so that its impact on the landscape is minimal, and it can be removed without a trace if needs be. The insulation for your room is made from recycled plastic water bottles, and heating comes from burning invasive bush plants.

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