What to do and Where to Stay in Damaraland

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Taking a trip through the craggy wilderness of Damaraland is breathtaking, even in a country like Namibia, which seems to have ravishing scenery lying in wait around every corner.  This area of semi desert is punctuated with vast boulders, gnarled and twisted trees, and desert adapted elephants moving noiselessly through the grasses.  In the south you’ll find caves decorated with ancient rock paintings, while in the north there are towering mountains and private game reserves protecting the rare desert wildlife.

Depending on which part of Damaraland you visit, and where you choose to stay, there are a huge variety of activities to tempt you to tarry awhile here. For us, a late afternoon drive to find a perfect viewpoint to sit with a sundowner was absolute bliss, but if you fancy something a little  more active, there’s the chance to track desert-adapted rhino and elephant, stretch your legs amongst the extraordinary rock formations, or take in centuries-old rock art.

Our pick of places to stay in Damaraland:

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