Camp Kipwe: The Lowdown

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Camp Kipwe is a small, cunningly-designed lodge, with incredible views looking out over Damaraland and a perfect location for tracking desert elephants and visiting the Twyfelfontein rock art.

What’s Camp Kipwe really like?

Camp Kiwpe has just ten rooms, nine standard rooms, perfectly designed for a hobbit and tucked away amongst the rocks, and one larger suite, which comes with its own lounge. The architecture here is extraordinary- the rooms themselves seem to vanish into the boulders: clay and stone domes with open air bathrooms to the rear.
Everything at Camp Kipwe focuses on the spectacular natural environment. The plunge pool is tucked away amongst the rocks and views are glorious from almost everywhere in the lodge. Our top tip: take half an hour at the end of the day and head to a high point enjoy the landscape with a sundowner.

What can I do at Camp Kipwe?

Staying at Camp Kipwe you have two options- either to explore under your own steam or to take activities with a guide from the lodge. Either way you’ll be able to visit the rock art and extraordinary formations at Twyfelfontein and with a guide from the lodge you can enjoy the slowly building thrill of taking game drives in the mornings in search of desert-adapted elephants (highly recommended for those who have stays of two nights or longer).

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