Etendeka: The Lowdown


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Owner-run Etendeka is a classic Namibian camp- wholesome, outdoorsy and seriously rugged, and perfect for stretching your legs in a ravishing part of Damaraland.

What’s Etendeka really like?

Etendeka’s one of those camps that really epitomises what makes Namibia so special. It’s in a ravishing private concession, and is run with great passion by owner Dennis and his long standing team of guides. The camp itself is fairly hearty and rustic, but having air-conditioning and wi-fi would seem utterly out of place in this landscape of rugged, timeless beauty. The 10 tents have an ensuite open-air bathroom to the rear, with a bucket shower, but in concession to modernity the loos are flushing and there are electric lights. The heart of Etendeka is the main mess, where you’ll meet for meals, sundowners and stargazing.

What can I do at Etendeka?

Your activities at Etendeka focus on nature drives and especially walks, and while there is some game in the area, in Damaraland the wildlife is secondary to the landscape. Instead the utter fascination of a stay at Etendeka comes in learning about the local environment in its entirety, from desert elephants to vast rockscapes and the cosmos above.

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