Mkulumadzi: The Lowdown

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Mkulumadzi is a gloriously relaxing rustic luxury lodge in the wilderness and is the ideal spot for pioneers who want to be part of the story of Majete’s recovery.

What’s Mkulumadzi really like? 

First things first, we should stress that Majete is very much an evolving conservation story-so if ticking off the “Big Five” is your goal, this may not be the park for you. Rather, this is a place to come to truly get in touch with the natural environment, showers are open-air, birds flutter around the lodge and hippos grunt in the rivers. Even arriving at the lodge is fairly exciting as you cross a footbridge suspended over the water. The eight rooms are large, full of light and natural materials and located to maximise the views over the river. Crucially, there is also the Evening Breeze cooling system over the beds, which helps combat the soaring heat in the summer months, and during the day you can take a refreshing dip Mkulumadzi’s swimming pool. If this doesn’t work, Malawi Gin and tonics  are served in the bar, and there’re plenty of fresh, tasty salads served in the restaurant.

What can I do at Mkulumadzi? 

Guiding at Mkulumadzi is excellent and there is certainly plenty of wildlife in the park, though we’re urge some caution on those who come expecting a parade of big name wildlife on their game drives. Instead, guests love learning about the smaller animals and birds, are thrilled at the sense of vastness and wilderness here, and treat elephant and big cat sightings as a bonus. We’d especially recommend trying a walking safari here, and boat safaris are an excellent way to spot hippos and crocs. For those with patience, an afternoon in the hide is a great way to get some spectacular photos, and lastly, if you get the chance, there are a visit to the local community- we never cease to be charmed by how welcoming Malawians are!

Giving back at Mkulumadzi:

Mkulumadzi Lodge is really part of the success story in restoring life to Majete. The park was heavily poached in the 80s and 90s and Mkulumadzi’s owners have helped to fund the restocking of the park, meaning that once again all of the Big Five can be found in Majete (though as we mentioned above, not spotted daily- yet!) They’ve also taken a strong lead in the local community, promoting African staff and guides, making condoms freely available to staff to combat the spread of HIV, and the lodge itself is fully solar powered.

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