20 Degrees Sud: The Lowdown


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Staying at 20 Degrees Sud feels like discovering the real Mauritius.  This chic colonial beach house is a million miles from the large resort hotels- more like staying in a friend’s very stylish home.

What’s 20 Degrees Sud really like?

20 Degrees Sud is pocket sized (with 36 rooms and suites it’s genuinely a boutique hotel) and from the moment you step through the vast wooden doors there’s a sense of tropical tranquility. In front there’s the courtyard swimming pool, rustling coconut palms and an opening out to the jetty and largely private beach.  In fact- now we have the opportunity, here’s where we should mention the beach- before we went to 20 Degrees we’d heard talk of the “small beach” and worried we couldn’t send guests here as a result- fear not. Yes, it’s small (if you compare it to a 500 room beach hotel) but it’s perfectly matched to such a small lodge with enough space for every guest to snooze in the sun and dig their toes in the sand.

20 Degrees Sud doesn’t accept children under 12, and as a result, the feel is laid-back, but grown-up. The bar and restaurant are both really rather good (the Relais and Chateaux membership is testament to this if our word isn’t enough) with a small, but good menu, and rooms are lovely. As with staying in a private house, rooms at 20 Degrees Sud do vary and ultimately, we think your choice should come down to how much time you plan to spend in the room. All of them are seriously stylish. The Charme and Cosy rooms are very pretty, if on the small side and are tucked away from the sea, Beachfront rooms are closer to the sea and feel airier, while Suites are larger still and have an outdoor jacuzzi. Finally, the Austral Suites are frankly ravishing, right on the water with a plunge pool or jacuzzi depending on which floor you’re on. We’d be thoroughly delighted to stay in any of the rooms: if you want to snuggle away in privacy and never go out, then take it from us- you should pay for the Austral suites, and if you’re a serious explorer and want to spend your time snoozing on the beach and discovering the island, a Charme room is a perfectly lovely bed for the night.

What can I do at 20 Degrees Sud?

One of the reasons we love 20 Degrees Sud is that when you stay here, you’re able to discover the real Mauritius.  It’s a rather wonderful island and 20 Degrees give you the chance to see the best of it. There is a vast amount you can do here, but the things we’d pick include: taking a bike out to potter around the island, wandering to the end of the dock and sailing the beautiful old Lady Lisbeth out to Governor’s Island for a lobster lunch (this attracts a reasonable price, but golly, it’s worth it), taking the shuttle boat over to Grand Baie or heading into Port Louis to potter around the veg market. There’s also a Hobie Cat to sail, windsurfers, paddle boards, snorkelling, and diving.

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