Lakaz Chamarel, Mauritius: The Lowdown

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At Lakaz Chamarel, you feel like you’re meeting the real Mauritius. An island where nature’s really rather ravishing, the culture is utterly laid-back and the food, well- let’s just say that probably owes more to Mauritius’ French than its British heritage…

What’s Lakaz Chamarel really like?

As befits a back-to-nature eco-lodge Lakaz Chamarel is gloriously rustic. We’ve checked out the 20 rooms and they’re all great. Broadly speaking, the upgraded rooms tend to be larger, lighter, and with better views, and the suites have a private pool (if your budget stretches and you want to hide away from the world, these are utterly worth the cost). All of Lakaz Chamarel’s rooms have plenty of wood and natural decorations, and most have gorgeous open-air showers.  You shouldn’t expect to find the anonymous slickness of the big resorts up here in the hills- brightly coloured birds flutter between the breakfast tables, wi-fi occasionally goes down and there aren’t 1,000 different wines in the cellar (although when we interrogated the sommelier about his wine list he came up trumps). When we stayed the staff bent over backwards to be fun and helpful, and the chef certainly knows what he’s doing. Mealtimes are scrumptious. There is a “healthy” menu, but if that’s not your bag you can ignore it and go for excellent bacon at breakfast and top notch wine with your dinner.

What can I do at Lakaz Chamarel?

Lakaz is the type of place that attracts the great and the good precisely because it’s so ridiculously tranquil and low key. It’s possible to make a day trip down to the beach or the golf courses from Lakaz Chamarel, but that really isn’t what a stay here is all about. Rather, Lakaz Chamarel is a place to hide away from the world and immerse yourself in nature.  Have a massage or try some yoga, hire bikes or hike in the nearby mountains (the seven-coloured earth isn’t far away), or simply snooze with a book beside one of the lodge pools. Or, if you want something authentically local, there’s a visit to the excellent local rum distillery. Our top tip? Make the most of the mountains while you’re at Lakaz and combine it with a stay in one of Mauritius’ luxury beach hotels.

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