Le Nautique: The Lowdown

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When we came to the Seychelles, we came with a mission. While we love being spoiled in swanky hotels, we wanted to find lodges that were a little more relaxed. The sort of place where you could have a cold beer at the bar and immerse yourself in village life. Our solution is Le Nautique.

What’s Le Nautique really like?

Le Nautique is a simple, chic, guesthouse which we’d happily recommend to any friends who wanted a friendly base to explore La Digue from without breaking the bank. It’s a relaxed B&B style guesthouse with pretty rooms and an informal feel.  The lodge is four villas, set in a square between the village and the sea. Garden rooms are in the rear villas so can’t see the water, whereas the waterfront rooms are a bit further forwards, next to the pool and dining room with the restaurant behind. And while the plot definitely isn’t huge (we wouldn’t for example necessarily choose this as a place to come lounge beside the pool for days on end) it’s a sweet, good value base for exploring La Digue from for a couple of days.

Inside the rooms have a nautical style with pale washed wood, twisted ropes and splashes of navy and turquoise. Bathroom are ensuite with rain showers, there’re fans and a/c for the more humid months and a verandah to perch on with a good book. Right between the rooms and the sea, there’s a pool, dining room and a small shack that’s the cocktail bar- all small, but perfectly formed for a lodge of this size.

What can I do at Le Nautique?

If we’re realistic, it’s a fairly long flight for our travellers to come here, and most come to the Seychelles seeking serious beaches. As a result, few stay in La Digue for more than a few days, though we could easily be tempted to stay longer. There are restaurants to visit in the village, and a neat row of bikes to explore the island with. Generally, La Digue is ideally suited to some excellent pottering- if you love this, stay as long as you like!

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