Denis Island, Seychelles: The Lowdown

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Staying on a private island is a quintessential part of the Seychellois experience: cast away and seeming a million miles from the outside world. Lovely Denis Island is an Extraordinary Africa favourite, typically Seychellois and with a devoted following of guests who return year after year.

What’s Denis Island Lodge really like?

Denis Island is definitely laid back and typically local: your dinner jacket would be as unwelcome as your office calling for a “quick chat” during your stay- trousers in the evening are as fancy as it gets here. The relaxed, natural feel is clear in the 25 cottages, all designed around simple wood, whitewashed walls and high thatched roofs. Seafront Beach Cottages are the smallest whereas the larger Deluxe Beach Cottages are a little further back, but have their own little private garden. Larger still are the Beachfront Spa Cottages and the Family Cottage which has a sitting room where your little ‘uns can snuggle up. Largest of all is the Beach Villa which has a large private courtyard (with plunge pool, naturally) and is right on the beach. Enough about the rooms. After all- you’re just sleeping there. Over in the main lodge food is remarkably fresh for such a remote location (it comes from Denis Island’s farm)- and there’s also a bar and library. Plus (and a big plus in our book) staff are seriously friendly and welcoming.

What can I do at Denis Island Lodge?

While you can be fairly active on Denis if you choose, the nature of the Seychelles’ remote private islands is to be fairly relaxed and if you have problems winding down, Denis has a spa to send you on your way. If you can only relax properly by being a touch more energetic there’re canoes you can borrow, a tennis court, fishing and as a personal tip, we’d particularly recommend taking a tour of the island (including the farm inspection)- it is absolutely fascinating.

Giving back at Denis Island Lodge:

Denis has made a real effort to help restore the environment of the island, eradicating rodents from the island, helping to restore the native trees and encourage the endemic Seychellois birdlife- if you’re interested do ask the staff when you’re there, they’re an enthusiastic and inspirational bunch!

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