What to do and where to stay on Lake Niassa

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We can count the people we know who’ve been to the Mozambiquan side of Lake Malawi (aka Lake Niassa) on the fingers of one hand.  With such a ravishing, and slightly more accessible, coastline, there doesn’t seem much reason to travel to the lakeshore.  But coming here feels as if you’ve been let in on a secret. After your endless flights, and bumpy drive (or boat ride) arriving on the implausibly turquoise lakeshore seems as if you’re coming to some sort of haven that you’d really rather not leave.  There’s just one lodge to stay in here, and after such a journey, you really need at least 3 or 4 nights to make the most of it. You’ll have plenty to do though, from wandering through the local village, to canoeing on the lake and spending hours spellbound by the stars.

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